A Techno-Financial Analysis of Tilapia Production in the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems


Samir Ahmad Ali


The extensive fish farming in Egypt is mainly dependent on drainage water of agriculture, where pollution is most probably occurs. By law the Ministry of Public Affairs does permit raising fish on fresh water. Moreover, extensive fish farming in Egypt means tremendous losses in both land and water. To produce one kg of fish needs around 2 m2 of land and 5 m3 of water. The most feasible solution to overcome such problems is to develop a semi-intensive fish farming.

A techno financial analysis of tilapia production was conducted using a recirculating aquaculture system facility, situated at the Banha University, Agriculture College. Tilapia (1.0g), were stocked in the tanks; temperature and water quality parameters were carefully managed until the fish reached the harvestable size (500g) after 180 days. The survival rate and feed conversion ratio (FCR) were 90% and 1.5 respectively.

The results showed that, the operational cost involving the system production was suited and economically viable.

Breakeven price above variable cost, breakeven price above fixed cost and breakeven yield estimated were 7.96 L.E. kg-1, 9.33 L.E. kg-1 and 155,495 kg year-1 respectively. The sensitivity analysis revealed that, increasing in the fixed cost by +10% decreased the internal return rate (IRR) from 34% to 23%. Also, decreasing the revenue by -10% decreased the internal return rate (IRR) from 34% to 22%. While, change both increasing in the fixed cost by +10% and decreasing the revenue by -10% at the same time decreased the internal return rate (IRR) from 34% to 11%.

Key words: Tilapia, recirculating system, Aquaculture, sensitivi

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